Review: The Perfect Guy Doesn't Exist by Sophie Gonzales

Adelaide author Sophie Gonzales is back with another fun and thought-provoking YA romance. This time around we are introduced to Ivy. Sixteen year old Ivy has the house to herself for a week as her parents are away on a business trip. Although she is a little apprehensive about being on her own, she's looking forward to spending time with her best friend Henry, writing some fan fiction and the opportunity for her and Henry to binge watch their favourite television show. She's also planning to avoid Mack, her former best friend and now sworn enemy, who lives next door and has been asked to keep out an eye. Things get complicated however, when suddenly Ivy finds the main character from her fan fiction in her bedroom. He's perfect, or so it seems, and totally in love with her. But as the week goes on, Ivy finds that Weston is far from perfect and he won't leave her alone. She's going to need some help working this one out and the people best positioned to help her might just be Henry ... and Mack.

This was a fun and entertaining read. I had a few smiles at the portrayal of fan fiction and fandoms, most of which felt spookily accurate. The chapters with Ivy and Weston, her fan fiction character who had come to life were entertaining. I had more of a problem with the chapters featuring Ivy and Mack--their friendship and eventual break up felt quite toxic, and it had me questioning whether a romance between the pair was a good idea. There is a redemption arc and I like how it ends. There is one plot hole that I think is worth mentioning, as I found it difficult to believe that Ivy's parents, who are portrayed as being over-protective helicopter parents, would leave her in the house alone for a week. Overall, though, it makes for an entertaining situation as the helpless Ivy tries to muddle her way through.



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