Review: Mr Greedy Eats Clean to Get Lean by Roger Hargreaves

I had so much fun reading the delightfully savage Little Miss Shy Goes Online Dating that when I saw another book in this grown up series of Mr Men/Litte Miss books available at my local library that I knew I just had to borrow it. This one works on a similar premise. It's just like a Mr Men/Little Miss book, except that the concept is a bit more adult and the humour a bit more savage. In this instalment the reader discovers one of the original Mr Men characters, Mr Greedy, realising that he needs to go on a diet (again). This time around he is lamenting his middle aged spread, whilst secretly thinking that the diets that the other Mr Men characters are on are rather silly. (Of course, it helps that the diets are rather silly and that Mr Muddle is making a complete arse of himself posting gym pics, but I digress ...) Anyway, Mr Greedy starts finding health food around the house and starts suspecting that his wife may be having an affair, which leads him to go on a series of ridiculous diet and exercise programmes for himself. The results are well ... most grown up readers will be able to identify and understand.

Mr Greedy Eats Clean to Get Lean is a fun read, and a fun pisstake on modern life. I probably would have enjoyed it more had I not recently read another book in the series--ultimately it is a bit of a one-joke thing. There is plenty of Mr Men satire/nostalgia and it is easy enough to look over any flaws, particularly when it is such a quick read.



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