Review: Little Miss Shy Goes Online Dating by Roger Hargreaves

I'll tell you a secret. I love the Mr Men and Little Miss series of books. Well, not that I read them all the time or anything like that, but I do have some great memories of reading them when I was a kid, and if I was to see one on the coffee table I'd probably pick it up, smile and get a great nostalgia hit. Over the years, the brand has done a few things to give grown up fans that exact hit from merchandise that plays on the character's names/personalities (think a mug with Little Miss Sunshine or a t-shirt with Mr Messy,) and mash ups, like the Doctor Men series, which reimagined the first thirteen Doctors from Doctor Who as Mr Men/Little Miss characters, with the title of Doctor, of course. Anyway, on a recent trip to my local library, I was thrilled to discover that the creators have come up with a series of savage and slightly satirical novels for grown ups. As Little Miss Shy is one of my favourite characters, I couldn't resist borrowing a copy of Little Miss Shy Goes Online Dating. And it is hilarious!

Little Miss Shy is happily single but that doesn't stop her mother from badgering her that she is now in her thirties--according to her mother, Little Miss Shy's biological clock is ticking and she is running out of eligible Mr Men. And so, after a bit of badgering from her mother, and dubious advice from Little Miss Contrary, she joins an online dating app. From there, all of the usual problems with online dating arise, with various Mr Men being either unsuitable or dishonest on their profiles. Of course, the whole thing is illustrated in the style of a Mr Men/Little Miss book. (And yes, the worms are there.) There are countless amusing jabs at modern life which made me chuckle and the ending is rather fitting and sweet.



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