Review: Pusheen the Cat's Guide to Everything by Claire Belton

When I discovered that Pusheen, the cute feline star of many, many webcomics had her own book, I just had to read it. Featuring Pusheen and her feline family (Storm, Pip, Sunflower and Biscuit,) and, of course a certain sloth, this volume is cuteness overload. It follows the same four frame format of the webcomics, each one designed to inspire a giggle or an aww. 

This was an enjoyable enough read. It's fun and suitable for all ages--in fact while it's not marketed specifically to children, I think kids will have more fun than some adults with this one. I did find that it worked best just to read a few of the comics at a time, as it felt a bit too sweet and overdone at times. 

Fun and friendly, an ideal read for fans of Pusheen.


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