Review: Trains by "Bluey" and illustrated by Rafferty Amor

Well, it had to happen. Bluey, the phenomenally popular (and exceptionally well made) Australian children's television show, has branched out with a new line of merchandise. And it's such a good idea. Behold, Trains, the first Bluey chapter book. At eighty pages it is just the right size for readers who are moving past picture books and wanting to read chapter books on their own. (Plus there are still some cool illustrations.) The plot, of course, is based on the Bluey TV episode of the same name. In this one, we see some of the series trademark imaginary play, with Bingo taking on the part of a vet who has to get her child (her favourite toy, Poppy,) to childcare on the train, but everything seems to be going wrong for the poor old train driver (Dad/Bandit) mostly in the form of a badly behaved passenger who bares a remarkable resemblance to Bluey. What follows is chaos and all good fun.

This one was an entertaining read. Obviously it is for kids, and it is designed so that kids can read it on their own, but it is entertaining enough for any grown ups who want to have a read along and for any older kids who want to join in. As always with Bluey there are a few clever digs at modern Australian life, and a fun, laid back ending. Better yet, it is the first in a series, with Bus and Taxi to follow. 



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