Review: The Neighbor Favor by Kristina Forest

Lily is shy, bookish and completely fed up with the very extroverted members of her family who keep trying to set her up on a date. Fortunately, she has a secret. She has an email correspondence (and, one might say friendship,) with her favourite author. Then he ghosts her. Then her family put pressure on her to have a date for her sister's wedding. Then, Nick, her very cute neighbour offers to help. Then, the reader learns that Nick has a secret. He is Lily's favourite author and he's falling in love with her ...

This was an entertaining romantic comedy. I found some of the characters a little annoying at times, though it is obvious that they were meant to be. Lily and Nick made for an interesting couple. She's from a wealthy, successful family but her career prospects aren't great--she has a dream to work in publishing but she feels like a diversity hire and she's been relegated to an undesirable branch of the company. Meanwhile, Nick grew up in poverty with negligent and unemotionally available parents, but is now an extremely wealthy author. On the surface they are opposites, but maybe that is why they work as a couple.

Overall, a fun read.



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