Review: What You Need to be Warm by Neil Gaiman

A little while back, bestselling author Neil Gaiman took to social media to ask people what their memories were of being warm. It was a topical question. Winter was coming, and, heartbreakingly, that means for people who have been forced to flee their homes and even their country, that they would struggle to stay warm. As the answers to his question came flooding in, Gaiman used them to construct a poem of what it means to be warm--and what it means for displaced people to be welcomed in the winter months. Thirteen different artists added illustrations and soon, this beautiful hardcover book was created. With proceeds going to UNHCR, I could see absolutely no reason why I wouldn't want to immediately buy this and add it to my collection.

What You Need to be Warm certainly is a beautiful book. Although technically aimed at children, it is the kind of book that can be enjoyed--and loved--by readers of all ages. The themes of displacement and the simple act of helping someone keep warm, perhaps by offering a scarf or a warm drink, can make a huge difference.

Highly recommended. 


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