Review: If You Could Go Anywhere by Paige Toon

Reader be warned. If You Could Go Anywhere is a novel that will break your heart ... before gently piecing it back together with themes of unconditional love and redemption. Twenty-seven year old Angie has always longed to travel and see the world outside of her home town of Coober Pedy, where she was raised by her grandparents, but there isn't much chance of that. Her grandfather died suddenly and she has been left to care for her beloved grandmother, Nan, who has dementia. When Nan passes away, Angie makes a surprising discovery about the identity of her father and with the help of her friends and neighbours, she finds herself travelling to Italy where she mets Guilo for the first time, and forms a strong friendship with his stepson, reckless adventurer Alessandro. When Angie learns a sad family story, she soon begins to realise why there is a darkness that surrounds Alessandro. But can she convince him that life is worth living ... before it is too late?

This was a such a tear-jerking, heartbreaking read. Angie is a character who has sacrificed much and it is lovely to see her welcomed into the arms of her father's family. Alessandro is a much more complicated character and I love the way that all of the major characters accept him unconditionally, and never give up on him. Although I truly loved the parts of the novel that were set in Italy, I found myself very interested in reading about life in Coober Pedy. Paige Toon knows exactly how to create characters that will tug at the readers heartstrings whilst remaining completely believable.



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