Review: Rock Star Detectives Murder at the Movies by Adam Hills

The Rock Star Detectives, thirteen year old music sensation Charley and her best friend George are back in another rollicking adventure. This time, the pair are in Sydney where they are working on a film about their previous adventure where they were falsely accused of art theft. Charley is playing herself and George is, well, George is still more comfortable working behind the scenes. Soon, things start going wrong on the set--the actor playing George keeps having mood swings, there's a big action film being made in the studio next door and something doesn't seem quite right with the big star who keeps crashing their set, and worse still, there are lots of horrible accidents occurring wherever Charley goes. Soon she and George realise that someone might just be out to kill Charley ... but can they get to the bottom of it in time?

This was an enjoyable read, with plenty of action, fun characters and some truly funny moments. I liked this entertaining glimpse into the film industry and the reactions that Charley and George had to visiting Australia. And while I like Charley, George remains my favourite character--and I really enjoyed reading about his trip to the Comedy Store. Once again we meet some flawed adults who get their just desserts. (And a side note for Aussie readers: I laughed out loud when I discovered that Chad's surname was Morgan. If you know, you know.) I also enjoyed how things were resolved for Marley and Harley, and George's eventual realisation as to why representation matters--a great message for kids.



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