Review: Can I Steal You For a Second? by Jodi McAlister

Here For the Right Reasons was such a hit with me that of course I had to go out and buy Can I Steal You For a Second? More of a companion novel than a sequel, this is told through the eyes of reality show Marry Me, Juliet contestant Mandie Mitchell. She's come on to the show to win the heart of this season's Romeo, Dylan Jayasinghe Mellor, and to get over her manipulative ex who left her heart--and her self esteem--in tatters. But what happens when Mandie finds herself falling for another contestant from the series--tough nurse Dylan Gilchrist, the Juliet who looks set to win Romeo Dylan's heart.

This was an entertaining read from start to finish. Mandie is an interesting character, a mechanic who is a real sweetheart, and who just happens to be bisexual. She is not out on the show, which creates some interesting moments of tension--and it seems that she might not be the only bi contestant on the show. Her friendship with Dylan G is handled realistically and with integrity by the author. And although this is a companion novel, there isn't a lot of retelling of the same events that occurred in Here For the Right Reasons, except for when they are strictly necessary and always with a different perspective. Although I loved the main storyline, one surprising thing I found myself enjoying more and more was Lily Fireball's character--and I'm hoping that her inclusion in the story means that there are plans for a third novel in the works with Lily as the main character.

A fun and entertaining read. Highly recommended.


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