Review: The Sunday Girl by Pip Drysdale

After enjoying Pip Drysdale's most recent novels, I decided to go back and reread her debut The Sunday Girl. Now more accustomed to the author's writing style, I got much more out of it the second time around.

As the byline on the front cover promises, this is a chilling tale of love gone horribly wrong. In fact, I would add very wrong to that. Taylor Bishop is angry and with good reason. She's just been dumped by her partner, minutes before they were due to leave on a ski trip together. And if that wasn't enough, her partner has gone on the trip with his mistress and he's uploaded a very private video of Taylor (one that she didn't even want to make,) online. Fuming over this latest humiliation and the pattern of abuse that she has suffered at the hands of the much older Angus, Taylor finds a copy of The Art of War and starts to put it to use, gaining revenge on Angus. But then, it seems that Taylor isn't the only one who is skilled at revenge and suddenly things take on a horrible twist ...

The Sunday Girl was a page turner from start to finish and I devoured it in a day. Taylor's revenge was certainly entertaining, though I found the character herself to be a little wishy washy in places. Angus was an utter brute and I was hoping throughout the novel that I would get to see him have his comeuppance. There was also an interesting insight into abusive relationships and why the people involved don't just leave.

An entertaining read. 



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