Review: Not Now, Not Ever edited by Julia Gillard

Ten years on from then Prime Minister Julia Gillard's famous misogyny speech in parliament a number of notable Australian women weigh in on their experiences--of where they were when they first heard the speech and what they think has changed in the years that have followed. Julia Gillard offers her personal reflections of that day, while Katharine Murphy writes what it was like to be the political reporter in parliament that day. Kathy Lette looks at how the speech travelled across the globe, online, popping up on TikTok many years later. Meanwhile Jess Hill takes a broader look at the links between misogyny and violence. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

This was an interesting read. Like many women, I was disgusted with the way that Australia's first female Prime Minister was treated in Parliament, particularly by one man--at whom the very speech was directed. I felt the speech was entirely heartfelt and appropriate. As far as the book goes, as I said, an interesting read. I like to think that we've made some progress since then--as some of the writers suggest--but Jess Hill's chapter makes it clear that we still have some way to go. Misogyny may not be violence against women, but it certainly creates an environment where that violence can occur.


Highly recommended.


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