Review: The Viscount Who Loved Me by Julia Quinn

The second Bridgerton novel is just as fun and frothy as the first. This time around it is oldest Bridgerton Anthony getting married. Or to be more specific, he's getting on a bit in years, having reached the grand old age of about twenty-eight without being married. He supposes that it is time to give up his rakish lifestyle, and take on a wife so that he may have an heir to pass the title on to. And seeing as Edwina Sheffield is considered the best and most sought after girl this season, then he supposes that he had better court her. There's just one thing getting in his way--Edwina's very protective and plain, but razor sharp older sister Kate. And suddenly, Anthony finds himself falling for one of the Sheffield sisters, and it isn't Edwina ...

Told from the duel perspectives of Anthony and Kate, this was a fun and frivolous romance. Anthony isn't the nicest of blokes, but his backstory and his willingness to do the right thing by Kate after a certain amusing scandal show that he might just have a heart after all. (As does his treatment of Penelope Featherington.) As was the case in The Duke and I, each chapter begins with a short snippet from Lady Wistledown's Society pages and we start to get a hint regarding her true identity. (Note: her identity is revealed earlier in the television series, just don't expect me to repeat such a juicy secret here.) Once again, I found myself drawn in, and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

Lots of fun.



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