Review: Future Girl by Asphyxia

Future Girl is both thought provoking and beautifully illustrated. Set in the not-so-distant future, it tells the story of Piper, a sixteen-year-old girl whose mother desperately wants her to pass as 'hearing' and to get a good job. But the world has other things in store for Piper, first in the form of an oil strike that inhibits the production of ready made meals that are now the norm in most households thanks to a heavy handed marking campaign by their manufacturer, Organicore. The second change occurs when Piper meets Marley. Marley is the child of a Deaf mother. He and Ruth are able to introduce Piper to something she has always been denied--sign language. Ruth also has her own garden and shows Piper how to produce her own food--a valuable lesson that Piper is able to pass on to others. But there are people out there, chiefly the all-powerful Organicore who don't want people like Piper to succeed in their endeavours...

There is no way I can talk about this one without saying just how beautiful this book is. Each and every page contains a unique, full colour illustration that reflects Piper's state of mind. The story is told in the form of a journal that takes place over the space of about six months and demonstrates Piper's emotional and spiritual growth. She learns to embrace what it means to be Deaf and to be a part of the Deaf community, she learns to create her own food and most important of all, she finds her voice and is able, quite successfully to put forward her case in a scene that is both well written and very emotional.

Author Asphyxia has a lot of talent and with Future Girl has created a book that is both unique and thought-provoking. 

Highly recommended.

This book counts toward my reading goal for the Aussie Author Challenge 2021


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