An Evening With Tim Winton ...

Last Sunday evening, I was lucky enough to attend An Evening With Tim Winton at Elder Hall, a sell-out event that is part of an Australia-wide tour to launch Winton's new novel, Eyrie. Despite being a fan of Winton's novels for more than ten years (closer to twenty, if The Bugalugs Bum Thief and Lochie Leonard count,) I have never heard the author speak. So when I got the chance to attend this event, I decided to take it. I wasn't disappointed.

As Winton read pages from Eyrie to a captivated audience (always, the most wonderful part of a book launch is hearing an author read from their own book,) I was struck by how down-to-earth he is. Happily, he skipped over parts that he considered boring, gave a language warning after dropping the f-bomb and, perhaps the most important message that he delivered during the course of the evening was that fiction and novelists cannot enable change. (Read more here.)

Overall, an enjoyable evening. For those of you who live interstate, if you get the chance to attend any of the upcoming events, I definitely recommend doing so.


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