Review: The Love Song of Jonny Valentine

Another big shout out to the Reading Room, this time for my review copy of The Love Song of Jonny Valentine.

I have to admit, this is another title that intrigued me. This novel is about a week in the life of the latest pop sensation. Who also just happens to be an eleven year old boy whose dream is to become the next Michael Jackson and seems to know more about music than what his mother, managers and the general public give him credit for. Johnny would also like to be reunited with his long-lost dad.

The Love Song of Johnny Valentine is an interesting and richly detailed book that spans out over the course of about a week (or was it a week and a bit,) detailing what life is like behind the scenes for the newest tween pop sensation. We know most tween stars in real life are a little older than Johnny, but the concept of this one and the darkly comical element, is brilliant. (His 'romance' and 'date' with another tween star is a highlight.) It showcases exactly how management and the media can manipulate the public into believing that someone who is, at heart, just an ordinary boy, is something bigger and better than the rest of humanity, as well as the very real risk that Johnny could be forgotten and replaced by someone else in a heartbeat. Mostly, it's a book that focuses on the pitfalls of fame and seems a little too detailed in places, (though I loved exploring Teddy Wayne's expansive knowledge of rock and roll,) but the journey leading up to Johnny's inevitable reunion with his deadbeat dad is enjoyable enough.


Summer Ross said…
It sounds interesting. I'm not sure it's my type of read, but I do think you gave a good review. Thanks for posting.
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Kathryn White said…
Thank you Summer. I'll be sure to have a look at your blog :)

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