Review: Into My Arms by Kylie Ladd




Yeah, okay, that's enough wells. I have mixed feelings about Into My Arms, the third novel by Australian author Kylie Ladd. I don't quite agree with the read it and love it sticker that's on the front of the novel--the issues raised within made me feel a little uncomfortable. But then again, I suspect that was the purpose of the novel. It's not intended to be a rosy, happily ever after romance. 

Into My Arms tells the story of Skye, a young woman from Melbourne. She has a good life. She has a devoted partner, is close to her twin brother (the pair were conceived via IVF,) and a good relationship with her hippy, widowed mother. And then she meets a man called Ben, very quickly becomes infatuated and a string of events, each one more dramatic than the last, occurs. I'm not going to offer any plot spoilers here, but this certainly isn't your typical romance. It also studies a number of issues that are very relevant to modern Australian society.

Social issues are deftly handled by the author in this well-written romantic drama. There is an interesting subplot about Asylum seekers and another about dementia. I cannot say that I liked Skye or found her terribly easy to relate to--in many ways she came across as self-centred and impulsive. Still, it's one worth reading when you're in the mood for exploring a variety of social issues.


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