Review: Shoulda Been Higher by Tom W Clarke

There is no denying it. Triple J's Hottest 100 is an Australian institution. We all know it, many of us love it and generations of Australian's associate it not just with music but a kind of kinship and community. For me, personally, which songs make up Triple J's Hottest 100 each year has more importance than the highest selling singles of that year. Shoulda Been Higher details the history of the Hottest 100 and is a definitive account of sorts of what is, essentially, the most important music countdown in Australia.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one from cover to cover. Tom W Clarke gives a definitive history, adds a little bit of humour (even the title--a phrase that will be instantly recognisable with its association to the Hottest 100,) made me smile. Clarke gives a few of his own opinions and while I didn't necessarily agree with everything I did find it entertaining. It's also great just to see the countdown getting the recognition it deserves as a part of Australian culture.

Highly recommended.


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