Review: Stacey's Mistake (BSC Graphix 14) by Ellen T Crenshaw and Ann M Martin

The bestselling BSC Graphix series is back and this time classic BSC title Stacey's Mistake is up for a graphic novel adaption. This one is particularly special to me, as the original was the first BSC novel I ever owned. I have wonderful memories of selecting this title from John Martin's book department, in the basement of their legendary (and now sadly demolished) Rundle Mall store. (Yep, that's the same place that was home to The Magic Cave, Eliza's Restaurant and the best toy department ever.) Stacey's Mistake takes the reader to New York. Founding BSC member Stacey McGill has recently moved to New York and now the other six members of the BSC are travelling from Stoneybrook, Connecticut to New York to stay with their friend over a long weekend. Stacey has a lot of plans in store for her friends--sightseeing, a party so that her New York friends can meet her Stoneybrook friends and, of course, a big babysitting job. The only trouble is, nothing about their visit is going to plan. Suddenly, Stacey feels as though she has made a big mistake.

This was a fun adaption, and the first not to be set in the BSC's hometown. Ellen T Crenshaw takes a few liberties with the plot--for example in the original, Mallory and Jessi stayed at home. And although I remember the bit about the big babysitting job, I don't remember the subplot about the local theatre company. Then again, those things do not really matter. The plot is entertaining enough and there are some great themes that are relevant to the target audience about friendship and acceptance. Although this one did not quite have the nostalgia hit I was hoping for, there is still plenty within the pages for grown up fans.


PS The next instalment in the series will be Claudia and the Bad Joke which will be released in the United States soon, with an Australian release date on the horizon. Mallory and the Trouble With Twins is also slated for adaption, and there are whispers that another title will be announced soon.


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