Review: Challenge Accepted! by Celeste Barber

Many readers of this blog would already been familiar with Celeste Barber and her hilarious (and never, ever mean spirited) videos parodying various influencers, known officially as the Celeste Barber Challenge. Challenge Accepted! is Barber's memoir and a behind the scenes glimpse of what shaped her in to the fun and fearless woman that she is today.

This is a raw and honest glimpse at the very human life of the very human (and hilarious) woman who appears in the videos. I picked up this one expecting it to be a parody of the genre but instead Barber is truthful and offers us a behind the scenes glimpse into her experiences, from going through most of her schooling with undiagnosed ADHD, to having fun at dance classes, breaking in to acting and everything that happened in between. There were a couple of andantes that, sadly, reminded me of how predatory some men can be. There are also some fun stories. I like how she dealt with her school bullies and it seems like very useful advice to pass on to any teenager who is going through a similar situation. The book is fairly short and the writing isn't as polished as it could be, but the stories Barber shares makes it easy for the reader to overlook this.



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