Review: Weather Girl by Rachel Lynn Solomon

Weather Girl is a chick-lit (or romance) novel that explores some deep themes in an intelligent well thought out way. Ari Abrams has always been fascinated by the weather--so much so that now she has grown up, she has a successful career as a TV meteorologist. Unfortunately, off television, her life isn't as sunny as she tries to make out. She was recently dumped by her boyfriend, her job is plagued by problems by her feuding and very much divorced bosses and well, she has an illness that cannot be seen that she doesn't like to talk about. And a family history of mental illness but she doesn't like to talk about that, either.

As I said, this novel explores some deep themes, weaving them intelligently around the novel's main plot, where Ari and her colleague Russell scheme to rekindle the relationship of their feuding bosses in the hope of creating a happier workplace. Both Ari and Russell (who might just be falling in love,) their deeply personal stories and reasons for being hesitant to start a new relationship. Ari's concerns that Russell might not be able to handle her depression are handled realistically and with a lot of empathy from the author. Although this one pushed my personal comfort zone at times, I found it well written and, ultimately, an enjoyable and worthy read.



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