Review: Here For the Right Reasons by Jodi McAlister

Here For the Right Reasons offers readers an interesting premise--Cece James has just successfully auditioned and gained a spot on a reality television show, one that is not unlike The Bachelor. Except that she most definitely isn't on the show to find love. And then she gets booted out after the first episode. That would be the end of things except the set has to go into lockdown due to Covid-19 and she cannot leave. And she keeps finding herself getting up close and personal with the leading man.

Then it turns out that Dylan Jayasinghe Mellor isn't on the show for the right reasons either. 

A friendship soon ensures with each of them trying to turn the situation to their advantage--Cece needs the money that comes with being on the show, and Dylan wants to raise awareness for men's mental health. Together they find a way to get screen time so that Cece can continue to be paid and so that Dylan can talk about the things he finds important. But what happens when Cece--posing as his friend and confidant on the series--finds herself genuinely falling for Dylan? And how can he choose from the remaining contestants, when he is feeling the same way.

This was an entertaining read, set against the backdrop of the recent pandemic and lockdowns. I found parts of it a bit over the top (how many times did Cece need to refer to female contestant Dylan as Hero Nurse Dylan,) and I would have liked parts of the characters back stories to be more fleshed out, however these did not spoil my overall enjoyment of the book. Cece was an interesting character--orphaned at a young age and raised in foster care. I would have liked a bit more of an epilogue, just to see her happily ever after. Overall though, Here For the Right Reasons is a fun read with some truly entertaining moments. 



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