Review: I Am Enough by Sheridan Stewart

I Am Enough is the story of writer, speaker and broadcaster Sheridan Stewart's personal ninety day challenge to slow down and focus on self care. Constantly busy, the author found that she had little time to focus on the things that would help her to be content. Consequently, she came up with a personal what it means to have enough--by spending less, eating less and to stop overworking. The challenge became so life affirming that she decided to write it down to encourage others to undertake their own personal challenge.

I picked this one up at my local Big W after what had been a challenging few months for me personally. Initially I was hesitant. After everything I'd been through did I really need to be considering a title like this one? Was it something I could blog about or would it become too personal. And what if this was really just a tell--all biography about the author's time in broadcasting, disguised as a self help book? (Spoiler, it truly isn't.) Anyway, I decided to take a risk. On the whole, the risk paid off. What I got was not only the insight into the author's personal journey to find contentment, but some inspiration as to how I could make my own life simpler. The joy of alone time in the garden. Of making time to sort the things out inside my house. Of catching up with friends without making it a massive epic (and expensive,) night out, especially when we have so much in our local area. 

Overall, this was an interesting and insightful read. My only complaint is that parts of this felt as though I was reading a journal or blog, rather than a published novel and there were a few pieces of information that I felt that I didn't really need to know. Then again, those same passages give the book its very personal and confidential feel, so maybe they work fairly well after all. 



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