Review: Hang the Moon by Alexandria Bellefleur

Written in the Stars was such a hit that Alexandria Bellefleur just had to write a sequel. This one focuses on Brendon, the younger brother of Darcy. Brendon is also an entrepreneur ... and a hopeless romantic who has secretly been crushing on his sister's best friend for years. When Annie makes a surprise visit to Seattle and discovers that Darcy is away, Brendon offers to show her around the city ... and Annie soon finds herself falling for Brendon. But that might be a little inconvenient, considering that she has just taken up an offer of a new job in London. Can Brendon convince Annie to stay? Or will she follow her head and not her heart?

This was an entertaining read. Although it isn't quite as comical as Written in the Stars there are some amusing moments, particularly when it seems every time that Brendon and Annie go somewhere things go terribly wrong. (Including a somewhat awkward adventure on a Ferris wheel.) The writing is fluffy and fun, with a couple of steamy scenes in there that work in perfectly with the plot. I also appreciate the way that Annie gives weight to her career, instead of making it this thing that can easily be thrown away based on a holiday romance.



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