Review: The Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins offers readers a short and satisfying gothic mystery in his classic novel The Haunted Hotel. A strange countess marries a gentleman under scandalous circumstances. The pair met abroad, and he soon became infatuated, breaking off his engagement to Angus Lockwood, a woman from his close knit circle. From there, things get more and more bizarre. The countess suffers from strange yet oddly prophetic delusions, and shortly after her marriage, her husband is dead and one of their employees is missing under strange circumstances. When their former residence in Italy is converted into a hotel, the deceased's younger brother and former fiancé decide to investigate both mysteries ... and things become odder and odder.

This was a satisfying read with many twists and turns and unusual characters. At a little over two hundred pages, this was a relatively quick read, meaning that readers won't have long before they get to the twisty, chilling end. If you haven't read any Wilkie Collins before, this is a perfect place to start.

Highly recommended.


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