Review: Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

Well, finally, two and a half years, or perhaps closer to three, years after everyone else, I have read the sixth and final novel in Richelle Mead's brilliant Vampire Academy series, Last Sacrifice. And it's a winner.

The novel opens with Rose Hathaway in jail awaiting trial for the murder of Queen Tatiana. Rose didn't do it, but a palace that wants vengeance, no one is really listening. Well, you know, apart from a few certain key characters who help to orchestrate Rose's daring escape during Queen Tatiana's funeral. And from there, a series of escapes that are fitting with each of the characters and their own part in the series ensures. Rose has to work to clear her name, the long-lost member of the Dragomir family is found, and Lissa is put through a series of challenges in the lead up to her coronation as Queen. And that's not mentioning what happens with the love triangle between Rose, Dimitri and Adrien, what happens to Victor and Sonya, just who the long-lost Dragomir princess is and her relationship to Lissa and most importantly, who really is responsible for the murder of Queen Tatiana.

Last Sacrifice is a brilliant conclusion to this YA paranormal romance series. All loose ends are tied up, questions are answered not everyone gets a happily-ever-after. I'll definitely be looking in to the spin off series,  Bloodlines sometime in the near future.


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