Review: Just between Us: Australian Writers Tell the Truth About Female Friendship

Shout out to Macmillan and the Reading Room for my very awesome review copy of this anthology!

Just Between Us is an anthology that pokes and ponders the tricky nature of female friendship. Written by a variety of Australian authors, the anthology contains both fiction and non-fiction. Some stories are happier than others, some pieces stopped and made me think about many of my own friendships past and present. Melina Marchetta's The Centre for example is a hilarious tale told totally in emails that examines past hurts, the hierarchy of female friendships and how women can manipulate the friends they supposedly care about the most. Meanwhile, Nikki Gemmel provides a thought-provoking essay on her five year old daughter's experiences at school, coupled with her own experiences of rude emails from trolls. And there are many other highlights as well (hmm, who would have thought an episode of Doctor Who would inspire two girls pretend that they are giving birth to slime?)

Sometimes fun, sometimes sad and sometimes uncomfortable Just Between Us is a book that every woman can relate to.


Anonymous said…
Lovely review Kathryn

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