Review: End of Story by Kylie Scott

Aussie author Kylie Scott serves up a romance with an intriguing premise in End of Story. Susie has inherited a beautiful house from her aunt. A beautiful house in need of restoration. She hires the best company in town to do the job, and one of the builders just happens to Lars, the best mate of her ex. Susie and Lars aren't exactly friends and Lars was one of the witnesses to Susie's very humiliating break up with her ex. If that wasn't complicated enough ... whilst pulling back wallpaper Susie and Lars discover a divorce certificate, dated ten years in the future with both of their names on it. What is going on? Is it a sick joke? If it is real, then why is Susie feeling more and more attracted to Lars when a relationship between the two of them is doomed.

This one had a great premise and there are some truly fun moments. However the novel is let down a little by the pacing--it is very slow. It also becomes very obvious, very early on that Susie and Lars would work well as a couple, despite their differences. The part about the divorce certificate is never properly explain and that gets a bit infuriating. As is--and perhaps this criticism is highly subjective--the fact that yet again I am reading a novel written by an Australian, who lives in Australia and it is set entirely within the United States and all of the characters are American. A big part of the reason I read Australian novels is to see my culture reflected in print and the American setting is a big letdown. I get that authors need to make a living and the American market is more lucrative than the Australian market, but it is frustrating. 

While this was not a perfect read for me, there are some fun moments and Susie and Lars are likeable characters who are easy to cheer for.

Perfect for fans of Kylie Scott.


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