Review: The Book-Lovers' Retreat by Heidi Swain

Bestselling British author Heidi Swain delights readers with her latest offering. The Book-Lovers' Retreat tells the story of Emily, who, along with her two friends has booked the holiday of their dreams. They are to stay at a cottage in Lakeside where the adaption of their favourite book Hope Falls was filmed. (And also became their favourite movie.) Things soon start to go wrong--Emily loses her job and suddenly has to make a huge decision about whether to keep working in the same unfulfilling field or if she should risk everything and start her own business with her true passion, sewing. Rachel's boyfriend is becoming more and more controlling and as for Tori, well, she can no longer afford the trip because her wealthy father has cut off all of her income and is insisting that she (finally) make her own way in the world. Fortunately, the owner of the cottage is able to set Emily and Rachel up with Alex, another avid Hope Falls fan who is keen to stay at the cottage. 

Then it turns out that Alex is a he, not a she and he and Emily have gotten off to a bad start. 

This was an entertaining read and an interesting glimpse into how the lives of people can be very much impacted by their favourite films and books. Obviously for copyright and legal reasons Hope Falls is entirely fictional, though this did make some parts of the story hard to follow. None of the trip goes the way that any of the characters planned, though things work out in the end which makes for entertaining reading. Emily is an interesting character and the enemies to lovers storyline with Alex is a lot of fun--and expect a few tears with the big reveal, sniff.

Overall, a fun read about having the courage to change and the deep attachments that people can make to their favourite stories.



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