Review: Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

What fun Written in the Stars, a novel about a fake relationship between a pair of complete opposites turned out to be. Elle Jones is outgoing, very interested in horoscopes and looking for her perfect match. When her friend and business partner of sorts Branden sets her up on a date with his sister, Darcy, the last thing Elle expects is that to find herself on a date with a woman who is gorgeous, but uptight and extremely rude--almost to the point of cruelty. But the biggest surprise is yet to come a few days later when Elle learns through Branden that Darcy has been raving about her--and her date--ever since. Keen to confront rude and horrible Darcy, Elle instead finds herself agreeing to a fake relationship, for reasons that will soon be obvious to the reader. But what happens when both of them start to catch ... feelings?

This was a fun read, full of interesting characters and some truly heartwarming moments. Elle and Darcy are opposites in nearly every way, but each also seems to be exactly what the other needs. I liked the way that the author redeemed Darcy (there is a bit of a sad backstory,) without forcing a sudden personality change on the character. There is also a lot about horoscopes, which was amusing in a lot of ways given that one of the central characters has zero belief and even less interest in them, while for the other it was such an important part of their life that they had made a career out of it.

Overall, a fun heartwarming romance. Recommended.


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