Review: Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Becky Brandon (nee Bloomwood) is back in Christmas Shopaholic, the ninth instalment in what has become a beloved series. Following on from their adventures in the United States, Becky, Luke and Minnie are back in England. Living in the country, Becky is helping her best friend Suze run a gift shop at her vast family estate and things are looking up. Christmas is coming, Jess and Tom will be returning from Chile and it seems that the whole family will be together to celebrate the holiday. Then Becky's parents drop a bombshell. They're renting a tiny apartment in a trendy part of London, and would Becky mind hosting Christmas this year?

And that, it seems, is only the beginning of Becky's troubles. Soon she and Luke are being pursued by one of Becky's ex-boyfriends (and his very ruthless girlfriend,) it looks as though Jess and Tom have split up and Jess doesn't want to tell anyone, and Becky's parents are acting like a couple of teenagers. Add to that the fact that Becky will do anything to get her hands on a perfect, one of a kind gift for Luke and there is a whole lot of fun and misadventures to be had in this light and fluffy read.

This one would make a perfect Christmas gift for any fan of the series. That said, this is the ninth instalment of the series and some of the jokes and adventures are starting to wear a little thin. (The reader knows that Craig is going to be trouble in some unexpected way, and there is going to be a rather odd but triumphant outcome to Becky's adventures with billiards.) Fortunately, Becky is quite an endearing character and there is always something warm and fuzzy at the very heart of these books, which will keep readers turning pages and wanting just a little bit more. There is no reason why this series could not continue for a few more volumes yet, should the author find inspiration.



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