Review: Lead by Kylie Scott

Lead the third novel in Brisbane author Kylie Scott's Stage Dive series is a smoking hot roller coaster ride filled with sexy rock stars and one very sassy heroine. Lena has been hired by the band to perform a difficult task--to keep an eye on Jimmy, the baddest of all of the Stage Dive boys. Fortunately Lena is no fool and not about to take any shit from the rude and emotionally distant Jimmy. But when Lena realises that she might just be falling in love with Jimmy, things begin to change ...

While Lead lacks some of the humour that made Play such a hit with me, it was still a sexy and enjoyable escapist romp. The sexual tension was sizzling and at times I wanted to bang Jimmy and Lena's heads together and force them to kiss, so kudos to author Kylie Scott for creating a romance that I felt emotionally involved in. Although they were not always perfect or likeable, it was obvious from page one that Jimmy and Lena were perfect for each other ... though they could not see it.

There were also some pleasing updates from the lead characters from the other novels in this series and we get a glimpse at how Dave and Ev, and Mal and Anne are each enjoying their happily ever afters. Also, parts of the novel hinted at a potential romance between Lizzie and Ben, which will be the subject of the final novel in the series, Deep.

This book was read as part of the Aussie Author Challenge 2015


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