Review: Twin Flames by Carolyn R. Prescott

Clever, insightful and different are the first three words that come to mind when I think about Twin Flames, a debut novel from American writer Carolyn R. Prescott. Twin Flames moves not only between the past and present, but through dimensions, as it tells of a love story between two soul mates or twin flames, Lily and Ahhatome as they are known in the current era, or Sings to Flowers and Little Bear/Two Bears as they were known in a past era. The two worlds collide and set off a surprising series of events when seventeen year old Lily is admitted to hospital with concussion and begins to experience a past life regression and discovers her life as Sings to Flowers. Meanwhile, now living in the fifth dimension, Ahhatome watches his soulmate from afar.

I was thrilled when I received the review request for this one from Outskirts Press as the concept of soulmates and past life regression intrigued me. I'm pleased to report that Twin Flames did not disappoint. (I also loved the gorgeous butterfly bookmark that the author so kindly provided along with a personally signed copy of the book.) Highly recommended for anyone interested in the concepts of past life regression and soul mates.


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