Review: Intuition by Jayne Fordham

Intuition is the first book in the Elite series and tells the story of a young psychologist, Olive Morgan, who has a rare talent. Olive, it seems is able to see the memories of anyone that she comes into contact with. And when Sydney is rocked by a terrorist attack, Olive discovers that her talents are being sought be the government who want to put together a elite team of people, each of whom have a unique talent, to help discover who has made the attack and why.

I purchased Intuition a few weeks ago, as I was looking for something different to read that was one, set in Australia, and two, featured characters who were young but not necessarily teenagers. And while I was reading some of the posts over at the Australian Bookshelf I saw the page for Intuition and thought that it fitted my requirements nicely. (For those of you who don't know, Lauren Murphy who runs the Australian Bookshelf blog sometimes writes under the pseudonym of Jayne Fordham.) On the whole, I found Intuition to be an enjoyable read and found myself getting caught up in the story--particularly the climatic ending that was set inside Sydney's Central Station. Less enjoyable was the subplot that involved Olive and her unlikely romance with Trent--it was a little too clear from the start that Olive and Trent were mis-matched and that one of her Elite colleagues was a much better suitor. I was also intrigued by the diverse set of talents that the Elite group--while Olive can access memories her three colleagues Canan, Zac and Hope could feel the emotions of others, persuade them and see their futures. We also meet other young people with some interesting talents.

Intuition is fun, light reading.


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