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Time again for Think Out Loud, an awesome weekly meme hosted by Thinks Books. The purpose of Think Out Loud is for book bloggers to think outside of the square and post on topics other than books.  This time around, I am going to post about 419 email scams. I'm sure you know the ones. You get a poorly expressed email with an offer that is too good to be true. I always just delete them, but sometimes I'm tempted to give them a crazy answer. Here are some examples of real scam/scam emails and the replies I would secretly like to send:

Sender: Forrest Gimp  
To: Undisclosed Recipient 
Of course you have never heard of anything like that before because it was impossible for average people!

Welcome to the brand new revolutionary website! There are over 5,000 people on it already; all of them are busy making money - $70 Every single minute! Do not miss your chance to check this out! [Link to "course" here]
As soon as you click on the link given above, you will join the unique project that is absolutely FREE until Tomorrow.
 My reply: Dear Mr or Ms Gimp. Thank you for your message. What bad luck that 1, I opened your message a day late and 2, I am not an average person anyway. Despite what the people at the hospital where I am currently situated tell me, I know that I am in fact a superhero who can leap tall buildings in a single bound. Also, my board and lodgings are paid for by the government so I had no need for money.
Sender: Don Grayson
To: Undisclosed Recipients
I have been trying to reach you.
My reply: Dear Mr Grayson. Thank you for your message. All of our operators are currently busy, please email again later.

Sender: Reyna Todd
To: Kathryn White 
Hi there kathryn,
Can we meet? :-) [link to profile on dating site]
I'm waiting for you :-) xoxo 
My reply: Dear Ms Todd. Thank you for your message. I'd love to chat online and sponsor your voyage to Australia but I'm late for my appointment with the debt collection agency. 


LOL, it would be kind of satisfying sometimes to actually answer some of those mails. These days, I'm mostly getting scams from a fake paypal site that wants me to click their link to change my credit card information...

Have a great weekend Kathryn :)

Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews
Kathryn White said…
Thanks Lexxie. I've had those fake paypal emails too. It's both scary and disgusting how many scams there are out there.

Hope you're having a great weekend too :)

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