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After a very big week for Kathryn's Inbox, it's time once again for Feature and Follow Friday, an awesome weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read designed to help like-minded bloggers meet and connect. This week's all important question is:

Q:  Have you ever read a book that you thought you would hate — ? Did you end up hating it? Did you end up loving it? Or would you never do that?

This has happened to me. You may be surprised to learn that I thought that I would hate Harry Potter. I first encountered the series shortly after the release of the third book in the series, which was kind-of before they became popular in Australia. Anyway, my auntie kept trying to push what looked like a kids book on to me and I kept getting annoyed. Finally, I caved in, read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and loved it. Hmm, must have been Snape's influence.

Severus Snape. Who can resist a man like this?

PS For those of you who don't know, I launched my fourth novel, Behind the Scenes this week. You can read more about it here and enter the international giveaway to win Behind the Scenes and a prize pack.


Unknown said…
I love Harry Potter, and those who don't we'll get Snape to find an antidote for your dislike towards Harry Potter! Just kidding, I know not everyone can love Harry Potter.

New Follower, here's my FF at www.myviewpointonbooks.blogspot.com
Kathryn White said…
Snape, the perfect antidote :-)
BookCupid said…
Snape is hard to resist :) Congrats on your novel. Thanks for stopping by. Following you on GFC.
Kathryn White said…
You're welcome and thank you :-)
Anonymous said…
It's hard not to love those books, lol. :P
New GFC Follower!
My FF: http://bookaddictbieke.blogspot.be/
Patricia said…
Congratulations on your novel!

I was really late with reading the HP novels (like, after #7 had been published) but my expectations were really high.. and exceeded. I just loved the books. :D

CeCe said…
New Follower here!
Harry Potter was my FF too only I went the other way and did not like it. Though I will say, Snape was my favorite character.
CeCe @ steamingmugofbooks.blogspot.com
Alyssa said…
YAY Snape! I'm glad you like Harry Potter! :D

New Bloglovin follower!

Here is my FF post!
Daphne said…
Sadly, I haven't read the Harry Potter series yet. :( I've been kind of putting it off because the books are HUGE and intimidate me. xD

Thanks for stopping by! New follower.
Daphne @ Reading Until Dawn

Megan said…
I'm so glad you loved HP! It was my favorite series a few years ago, and I have a friend who is OBSESSED still :) Congrats on your novel launch! Thanks for stopping by my FF post! New follower via GFC!
Danielle Annett said…
Im glad u loved HP, i loved them too and i'll make sure to check out ur works
new GFC follower
Danielle @ Coffee and Characters
Heather said…
You encountered HP the same time I did, I had to read it for a college class and the teacher had assigned the third book... which I thought, "How dumb to start a series with the third book..." So I started from the beginning, and I have to admit, the opening pages almost turned me off, I was worried it would be a Roald Dahl rip off... but nope, I fell in love. XD

Old follower
Kathryn White said…
Hi Bieke! I agree, it's hard not to love Harry Potter ...
Kathryn White said…
Thank you Patricia.

I agree, I just loved the Harry Potter books.
Kathryn White said…
Hi CeCe & welcome!

I think the book blogging world would get pretty boring if we all loved the same books, so I'm glad to have someone on here who had a different opinion about Harry Potter.

But yes, Snape was one of my favourites too.
Kathryn White said…
Hi Alyssa and welcome to Kathryn's Inbox!

Will check out you FF :-)
Kathryn White said…
Hi Jana! Will check out A Novel Reality. Any exciting reviews coming up?
Kathryn White said…
Ahh, never let a big book scare you. Harry Potter is a brilliant series. You'll just get drawn into the world straight away.

I read the seventh book in the course of a day ... mind you I had to stay up until about three am to do it.
Kathryn White said…
Thank you Megan! The book launch was a very big deal for me so I really appreciate your kind words.

Loved your Follow Friday.
Kathryn White said…
Hi Danielle. Yeah, the Harry Potter series really is special. Please do feel welcome to check out my work--there is nothing I love more than sharing my books with others.
Kathryn White said…
Hi Heather. Lovely to see you again :-)

The whole Roald Dahl rip-off thing was one of my worries too ... even though I love Dahl and his world, especially Matilda and the BFG.
Anonymous said…
New GFC follower!

I have 2 blogs you can follow :)

"Literary Quill Promotions"

"BookShelves Of Dreams"
Anonymous said…
love your blog am a happy follower

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