The Sweet Life by Francine Pascal

Justin case last years lackluster Sweet Valley comeback Sweet Valley Confidentialwas not enough to annoy legions of now adult Sweet Valley fans who all bought the book for nostalgic purposes (check out some snarky/damning reviews herehere and here,) it seems that another adult Sweet Valley spin offs is headed our way. No, I'm not talking about Sweet Valley Retirement Castle, where Elizabeth and Jessica share a room and spend their days fighting over who has stolen whose dentures and who used the last of the epson salts. The Sweet Life is to be a six part digital serial that picks up three years after Sweet Valley Confidential left off. Now, for those of you who missed it, Sweet Valley Confidential ended with Jessica marrying Todd, her sister's longtime boyfriend, while Elizabeth hooked up with bad boy Bruce Patman, the same guy who had threatened to rape her back in high school. Luckily, it turns out that Bruce is a reformed man and Todd had secretly loved Jessica all along. Anyway, according to the promotional copy on the official website, in The Sweet Life Jessica and Todd's marriage is hanging by a thread, while Elizabeth and Bruce are facing some kind of scandal that could tear them apart. (Does anyone else think this means that Bruce is having an affair with Jessica? Sigh.) Oh and Lila Fowler is an important part of the series and is starring in a reality TV show. Double sigh. Seems like all we need is a subplot with Enid Rollins convincing Steven that he isn't really gay after all and we're all set.


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